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garbatura dei contrafforti in tessuto termoplastico

azienda leader dei contrafforti in tessuto termoplastico, salpa, cuoio, puntali e rinforzi per calzature


In our research and development department, we create and design counters, tips, accessories, reinforcement and much much more, meeting every demand from clients and the marketplace.
Thanks to the most advanced design, creation and cutting machinery (CAD and hollow punch) we are always able to guarantee ultimate precision and speed, as well as flexibility and a production capacity that is second to none. 
Our experience, our organisational skills, our technology, will satisfy anybody who demands maximum quality and service, delivered in the least amount of time possible. 

Dentro il nostro stabilimento disponiamo di un impianto per la produzione di tessuti impregnati, possiamo quindi personalizzare i tessuti per poi realizzare contrafforti e puntali su misura per le vostre esigenze.

We also have…

a workshop equipped for any type of repair, modification and customisation of machinery. The 3000 plus moulds of various heights and type are there to improve our products based on the requests of our clients. 
a completely automated conveyor system for adjusting samples, as well as testing new materials before putting them on the market to provide detailed data sheets on the times and temperatures of materials, by simulating the phases of shoe manufacturing;

cutting-edge modelling techniques to guarantee the highest quality, and the fastest turn-around from the initial sampling phase.

Disponiamo inoltre di un'officina attrezzata per ogni tipo di riparazione, modifica e personalizzazione dei macchinari e degli stampi per perfezionare al meglio i nostri prodotti in base alle richieste dei nostri clienti.
modellleria per crezione di contrafforti e puntali
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