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azienda leader dei contrafforti in tessuto termoplastico, salpa, cuoio, puntali e rinforzi per calzature


Pami is an industry leader in the production of every type of shoe counters, tips and various accessories. 

35 years of commercial success have placed our products front and centre of the national and international footwear production industry. 

Contrafforti per uomo e donna in salpa,negli spessori 1,5mm - 1,6mm - 1,7mm - 1,8mm. Pregarbati e garbati.

Counters in bonded leather (salpa)

For men and woman, thicknesses of 1.5mm,-1.6mm, 1.7mm, 1.8mm. Cut or uncut. Available in rigid or soft material, or with thermoplastic or neutral bonding.

Gommolo è l'ultimo brevetto Pamì creato da una mescola di salpa, cuoio e lattici naturali.


Gommolo is Pami’s latest discovery, created from a mixture of leather and natural latex. In four versions: GOMMOLO, PLUS, DUPLEX and SUPER. Gommolo and Plus (slightly more rigid) are ideal for those who prefer super-soft shoes with great grip. 
Duplex made by mixing Plus and salpa, give rigidity and grip, with the softness and malleability of Plus on the rest of the counters. SUPER differs from Duplex due to the mix of Gommolo and Salpa, giving softness and heightened grip.

Leather counters

Already-shaped counters made from the highest-quality butchery leather with natural slow tanning.

Contrafforti già sagomati realizzati con cuoio di macello di alta qualità.

Thermoplatisc counters

Made from thermoplastics, these can be used in the  most varied kind of shoe, whether that be sneakers, decolleté or boots, made from super flexible Pamigum to the soft Pamisoft to the versatile Pamifor to the indestructible Ecotexx.

Contrafforte termoplastico con caratteristiche tecniche elevate, superflessibile e supermorbido.
rinforzi per scarpe.jpg


Reinforcements for shoes and leather in various thicknesses and weights; microfibre films to reinforce the uppers; special materials in and shaped by GRS-certified Ecoformer.

Puntali per uomo e donna in tela cotone, in materiali estrusi con materiali di nostra produzione (Former) in tutti gli spessori con scarniture tradizionali e nostra scarnitura speciale


For men and women, tips in cotton … materials shaped in Morel or Former
all thicknesses with traditional stripping or special stripping. Available with leather tips that are already shaped, in high-quality butchery leather.

Rinforzi per Sandali e Chanel. Tallonette in salpa coprichiodi adesive e non. Pellicola in microfilm per rinforzo tomaia.


Heels with nail-covering bonded leather, or without. 

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