Gommolo is the last patent PAMI created by a mixture of salpa, leather and natural latex. Available in 4 versions: GOMMOLO, PLUS, SUPER and DUPLEX. Gommolo and Plus (bit stiffer) are ideal for those who need very soft shoes with workability and superior tightness. Duplex, made by joining Plus and Salpa, it allows you to have stiffness and tightness in the heel and the softness and Plus workability on the rest of the buttress. Super differs from Duplex for mixing with an extruded, which gives it a tightness and a higher return.



Rigidity and softness where you want! PAMIRESIN, new patent by Pamì, is a Salpa counter with differential stiffness through the resin treatment. The stiffness of the surface area may vary depending on your needs. With this patent material you get more softness at the neckline, better foothold, perfect gleaning and heel-beat.




Salpa Counters

Man and woman salpa counters , with thickness 1,5mm – 1,6mm – 1,7mm – 1,8mm. Preformed. It can be realized in soft or rigid material.
Available with thermoplastic or neutral gluing according to the requirements.




contrafforti-salpa-supersottiliSuper-Thin Counters
Counters made of super-thin Salpa material that you can soak in the water like leather. Super-thin counter because the thickness is only in spur; the rest of the counter is only reinforcement. To apply it in the upper, spread the glue with a brush.



salpa-stivaleSalpa Counters for boots and low boots

Counters available with thickness 1.6mm – 1.7mm – 1.8mm. We can make them in hard or soft material. They are already treated for thermoplastic or neutral depending on your needs.




contrafforti-cuoioLeather Counters

Already shaped counters made of high quality leather.