contrafforti-termop-m27Pamigum M27

Thermoplastic counter with high-tech characteristics, superflexible and super soft. It has a tight form and line of neck that is not comparable to anyone else. Today is considered the jewel of our activities having obtained a continuous demand by a large customer.This counter has a preforming patented, which gives it stability added to the upper.



contrafforti-termop-m28PAMIGUM M28

Thermoplastic counter for boots and man shoes. Whippy effect.




contrafforti-termop-m11PAMISOFT M11

Thermoplastic counter for ballerina shoes and very light low-heeled shoes. Soft effect.




contrafforti-termop-m14PAMISOFT M16

Thermoplastic counter for man summery low-heeled shoes,  boots and low-boots. Soft effect.




contrafforti-termop-m18PAMISOFT M18

Thermoplastic counter for soft shoes like ballerina or just for extra soft shoes. More whippy effect than M11.




contrafforti-termop-m49PAMIFOR M49

Thermoplastic counter  for  all kind of décolleté shoes low and hight heeled .




contrafforti-termop-exotex-m23ECOTEXX M23

Ecotexx is a product for small and medium heel counters, for sneakers, flexible shoes and boat shoes. Its effect “ping-pong” is appreciated for several years by the most important manufacturers of footwear.