The new Pamì patent material, born from a mixture of salpa, leather and natural latex.
The main feature of this counter is the extraordinary softness and elasticity of the salpa which makes it similar to the leather. This also favors the machinability, allowing you to mount heel shoe easily and make it stick perfectly to the shape following the upper. Salpa inside ensures the rigidity and stability required.

Stiffness and softness where you want it! PAMIRESIN is a new patent Pami. Pamiresin is a Counter made of Salpa (no wood material) with differential stiffness by treatment with resin. The stiffness of the surface can vary depending on your needs. This patent gives more softness to the neckline, more keep foot, gleaning perfect and precise beat heel.

Pamigum is one of the products jewel Pami Srl and now is known and appreciated for its characteristics and its reliability. Thermoplastic Counter Superflexible and supersoft with high technical characteristics, has a tight form and line of neck that is not comparable to anyone else. This counter is available in two thicknesses to differentiate stiffness to use. This counter has a patented “garbatura”, which increases stability when inserted in the upper. Pamigum is certified by Satlà.

Ecotexx is a product for small and medium counters for Snikers, flexible shoes and boat shoes. Its effect “ping-pong” is appreciated from several years by the major manufacturers of footwear.

Thermoplastic counter  suitable for soft shoes like “dancing shoes” or for those who require extra soft footwear.

is our exclusive production material made whit cotton canvas with exclusive technical features  to made footwear toe-puffs.